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True Tarot is a message of symbolism. The earliest mention of their use dates back to 1332.  I read utilizing the Rider-Waite deck and employ a variety of speads dependant upon your personal situation.  I also utilize a Pendulum for final clarification and at your request at any point during your reading.

As a third generation psychic card reader, I turn my experience into wisdom. So you can be assured that your reading will be concise, accurate, and detailed.  My concern is your satisfaction with your personal reading.  

My spreads are detailed to reveal to you the past, present, and future placing emphasis on any obstacles you may have on obtaining goals you have set out for yourself.  The cards will assist me in advising you what changes need to be made in an effort to help you remove barriers that exist so that you can experience true inner peace.

About Me

I am a 3rd generation psychic reader with 30 years of experience in Tarot card reading in addition to the use of a Pedulum for follow up confirmation.  I practice with the Use of a Raider-Waite deck. Since the ago of 16, I have been around and exposed to the Tarot.  I have always considered it one of the Arts.  My grandmother had perfected the use so that she was able to transfer her skills onto a regular deck of playing cards.  My aunt was a very spiritual person and was extremely talented and gifted in the use of the Tarot and other forms of divination.

I treat every customer as if they were a family member, revealing to them the truth in an open, honest, and sincere way.  I have been publically reading since 1997.

I typically rely on a "Celtic Cross" spread.  But will advance to  a "Horoscope House" if the client requests an in depth reading.  There are situations when simply drawing clarification cards will do.  It all depends upon the comfort level of the Seeker.

What To Expect

Our initial meeting will start with a brief consultation.  This can be as brief or as detailed as you would like.  This does not count toward your "reading time".  I will then briefly meditate for approximately 20-30 seconds.  Then, we will begin your reading.  Please note: you are not charged until your reading actually starts.  A typical reading lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. I will also be supplying you with your Personal Year Number and will be requesting your month and day of birth.

Readings can be done telephonically or in person.  You can also request a reading via the computer either live or via word document.  I  also offer group rates for groups of greater then 5 people.

Prices are as follows:

20 Minute Tarot Card Spread/ $35.00

30 Minute Tarot Card Spread/$50.00

60 Minute Tarot Card Spread/$75.00*

Pendulum Reading 10 minutes/$20.00

Numerology Reading 10minutes/$20.00

Groups rates available!!

* Includes two spreads, Pendulum Reading,

   and Numorology reading


For further information please reach out to me directly using the "Contact Us" page on this site.  You can also call me directly at 732.207.3106 or email me at mare031268@yahoo.com

Special Tarot Reading


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A 30 minute psychic reading consisting of Tarot, pendulum, and numerology.


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